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This paper is in connection with Sustainability Economics and Management and analyses one promising technological solution for one of the most unfavourable problems both in environmental and economic aspects, which is the raising energy consumption.

Once the authors are mechanical engineering students, interestingly the technology analysis will be worked out correlating engineering concepts, mostly in the thermal field, and what are the benefits and impacts on environment due the technology application as well as its economical parsing.

Buildings are the principal application target of the solution due that population spends the most part of time inside them. Therefore, more energy is required to supply more and more needs in lighting, air conditioning, heating, electronics working and so on.

To ensure the system efficiency, it will be applied environmental management tools weighting all the qualities and comparing with its negatives points. A real application costs will be shown as well in way to prove or not the technology potential in capital investments saving.

Basically, the paper contents are the theoretical background, analysis development and conclusion. The theoretical background is extremely important to better comprehension, covering both engineering and environmental management areas. The analysis development is the large part of the whole paper, containing information regarding the technical system. And, finally, the conclusion will handles the results about the analysis and further considerations involving the research as a whole.


  • Junio Pereira de Barcelos Rodrigo
    műszaki menedzser
  • Fabiano Reis Lessa Paulo
    műszaki menedzser


  • Harazin Piroska
    Egyetemi tanársegéd, Környezetgazdaságtan Tanszék
  • Szkordilisz Flóra
    klímaszakértő, projekt koordinátor, Magyar Urbanisztikai Tudásközpont NKft. (külső)