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Solar energy management in Brazil

Energy is a fundamental resource for the development of a country, directly influencing on all sectors of economic. Without enough energy resources a country has no condition for industrial development, commercial, agriculture and even the minimal conditions for the population, such as access to drinking water and electricity. Considering the need for generation and the growing concern about environmental sources of renewable energy is being increasingly discussed. Among them we can highlight solar energy sources because they are a clean form of energy, and increasingly effective.

With big investments around the world in the use of the sun as the primary energy source technologies, each day becomes more financially viable implementation. For example the price of photovoltaic cells, this has suffered considerable decline and greatly increasing in efficiency. Other usage not so recent but lately has been explored is the use of concentrated solar power, a technology that allows a more easy to store and generate energy form.

The Brazil, a country that has shown a great development in recent years, is one of the countries that need to invest more in your energetic matrix. One of the solutions would be an investment, almost nonexistent in sources of renewable energy from the sun. Fact justified by the large land area of the country, besides showing good levels of sunlight, allowing solar power plants with higher efficiency.


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