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The Future of Ukraine: possible European integration as the path towards sustainability

The main purpose of this study is to examine the current situation in Ukraine and identify possible ways for future sustainable development. With the enlargement of the European Union, the accession countries are coming to develop and meet the EU standards for environmental protection and sustainable development. As a result of mutual cooperation, both countries benefit from reduced expenditeres and improved live conditions.

This paper is concerned with such important issues as: “the roots of rebellion” – the reasons of Euro revolution in Ukraine and consequences for Ukraine, West and East Europe. Ukraine’s economical potential after the war- how the crises can be solved and what resources are required for it? Russia – Ukraine - EU energy resources relations. General assessment of European requirements for future members, evaluation of Ukraine’s steps and strategies towards Euro integration. As a result of study, analyzing all goals, which were set at the beginning, defining recommendations for Ukraine’s successful future sustainable developemt.

Politicians of different countries bring their ideas and suggestion of solving political and economic problems in Ukraine. However, the most important step remains on the Ukrainian government: to choose the most suitable strategy and solution among all offered, adopt it and implement into reality, do not to repeat previous mistakes and approach Ukraine to Euro integration.


  • Kurichenko Viktoriia
    műszaki menedzser


  • Dr. Horváth György Ádám
    egyetemi adjunktus, Környezetgazdaságtan és Fenntartható Fejlődés Tanszék


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