Regisztráció és bejelentkezés

Hibrid aktív / passzív vezérlő a szerszámgép rezgéscsillapításához

Machine tool vibrations represent an important concern in the industry, as they result in wavy machined surfaces and a decrease in tool and spindle life. Various methods for mitigating these detrimental vibrations exist, which can be roughly divided into active and passive methods. Active methods are generally more effective, but have various issues, such as the requirement of a significant amount of energy and hardware equipment. On the contrary, passive methods are able to suppress chatter vibrations only in limited parameter regions, but are usually cheaper to produce and require less maintenance. In this study, we analyze the performance of a hybrid active-passive vibration absorber, based on the design of a classical tuned mass damper, combined with an actuator placed between the absorber mass and the primary system. The actuator generates a force proportional to the acceleration of the two masses exploiting a feedback loop. The stability analysis and numerical simulations performed illustrate that the active control loop can significantly enhance the absorber's performance. However, it requires a very accurate tuning of its control gains.


  • Munir Muhammad Hanzla
    Gépészmérnöki alapszak (BSc)
    alapképzés (BA/BSc)


  • Dr. Habib Giuseppe
    Docens, Műszaki Mechanikai Tanszék