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Turisztika és városfejlesztés vizsgálata a helyi társadalom és a turisták szempontjából, Petra, Jordan


After looking at the current settings and the actual reality of the tourism and the experience of the visitors towards the magnificent ancient city of Petra, As the Nabatean’s civilization had built it and occupied the city at 400-200 BCE, And in the southwest part of Jordan the astonishing red-rose city of Petra has an unusual event of the increased and rapid growth of tourism statistics as the number of annual visitors is remarkable for the last 3 years 2016- end of 2019.

This paper will discuss various aspects that are based on the facts and the social experience which we obtained and being as a part in the community of the town, nevertheless the residents are facing such a great transformation and numerous opportunities in the aspect of socio-economic benefits that come as a reward of working and investing labour and time and capital into the tourism sector, and how to maximize the full potential of the tourism and investment and emerging the new urban visions for better city layout, and the center of Wadi Musa town is facing overcrowding and becoming out of urban formation due to lack or slowed down urban planning which leads to increment urban and city issues and result in creating a sensitive case that might result to unpleasant settlements and unsafe to solve.

Most of the community composition and individuals dismissed the knowledge of the importance of moving forward towards a better developing through planning and urbanity approaches which may increase the complexity of the challenges upon futuristic planning and development, and proper management methodology as the study conclude will help greatly to apprehend the possibilities.


Urban space, Socio-economic, Tourism, space planning, city planning, Petra City, Wadi Musa Town, Ancient city, City Layout, Development, Urban Vision, activities


  • alhasanat hashem
    Tervező-építészmérnök MSc (angol nyelven)
    mesterképzés (MA/MSc)
  • Chafrour Abla
    Tervező-építészmérnök MSc (angol nyelven)
    mesterképzés (MA/MSc)


  • Wettstein Domonkos
    egyetemi adjunktus, Urbanisztika Tanszék


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