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Stresses and strains in eccentrically loaded columns of partially no-tension material

In a column under eccentric compression, we generally assume no transmission of tensile stresses at the foundation; i.e., we only take account of the compressive stresses. However, the assumption of plane cross sections is adopted in farther regions, implying the presence of both tensile and compressive stresses within the column. In this paper we investigate how the compressive and tensile stresses change along the height of the column. We consider the factors which affect the transition in stresses and shifting of neutral axis. There could be possibly many solutions, but we are interested in finding the most reliable and smooth transition. Furthermore, we also present a numerical model in Ansys and compare its results with the analytical calculations.


  • Hussain Muzahir
    Szerkezet-építőmérnök mesterszak (MSc)
    mesterképzés (MA/MSc)
  • Hussain Syed Musaib
    Építőmérnöki szak (műszaki alapdiploma BSc szint)
    alapképzés (BA/BSc)


  • Dr. Kovács Flórián
    egyetemi docens, Tartószerkezetek Mechanikája Tanszék


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