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Budapesti történelmi épület szeizmikus sérülékenységvizsgálata

The city centre of historic cities are densely populated and the inhabitants mostly live in historic buildings. Most of these buildings are made of brick or stone and their structure were designed following the traditional techniques without taking into account the seismic hazards. Accordingly, seismic risk assessment of such masonry structures is an important issue nowadays. This study focuses on the conception of methodology, which implies all the steps for fragility assessment of historic building. City center of Budapest was selected as a typical study area and investigation has been done for one of the historic building.

The research focuses on the building vulnerability assessment of one selected building. The study included in the first step the identification of the building archetype, construction technology and condition of the structure and structural elements. To obtain all these parameters, on site survey was made for the existing building, which also included the measurements of the building geometry and the structural components.

After gathering the information and the new measurements of the building, modifications were made for the old construction plans, which were obtained from archives. The volumes and the weights of the structural elements of the building were calculated.

The extracted data was used to create a numerical model of the building. Linear and non-linear analysis were made for the entire structure to find the capacity curve. According the capacity and fragility curve the seismic hazard was estimated.

Presented methodology is useful tool for the assessment of seismic hazard of historic buildings, not only in Budapest but at other parts of the world, too.


  • Tabatadze Nino
    Szerkezet-építőmérnök mesterszak (MSc)
    mesterképzés (MA/MSc)


  • Dr. Vigh László Gergely
    Egyetemi docens, Hidak és Szerkezetek Tanszék
  • Dr. Török Ákos
    egyetemi tanar, Geotechnikai és Mérnökgeológia Tanszék


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